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A Family History of Religious Migration
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These pages are where I will attach any photos, birth,death,marriage certificates, tombstone photos, wills, probates, census images and also personal biographies as they are submitted. I will also pull from my huge digital archive of books and family genealogies to add and expand this or other families not currently linked. Thank You for anything you can contribute to help in this new section.

1. John Briley
 sp. Rebecca ?
  2.1 William "Joseph" Briley Sr.
   sp. Ruth Jones
    3.1 Isaac Briley
    3.2 Jacob Briley
    3.3 Joseph Briley
     sp1. Elizabeth Teel
      4.1 Barshaba Briley
       sp. Joseph Jackson
     sp2. Mary Shivers - (also see Shivers Chart)
      4.1 Nancy Briley
       sp. Jesse B Shivers Jr. - (also see Shivers Chart)
      4.2 Joseph Lawrence Briley
       sp. Penny Annis Shivers - (also see James Briley)
        5.1  William Lawrence Gray Briley 
        5.2  Penny Ann Briley 
        5.3  Joseph J Briley 
        5.4  James A Briley 
        5.5  William T Briley 
        5.6  Annis Marcellus Briley 
        5.7  Clenna L Briley 
        5.8  Gracey Briley 
        5.9  Shadrach Briley 
        5.10 Mary Ann Z Briley 
        5.11 Annie Briley 
        5.12 Gustavus Briley 
    3.4 William Briley Jr.
     sp. Sarah ?
      4.1 ? Briley
       sp. Conner Ewell
      4.2 ? Briley
       sp. Mansel Flake
      4.3 George Briley
       sp. Mary 
        5.1 Elizabeth Briley 
        5.2 Sarah Briley
         sp. Diggs
        5.3 William Briley
        5.4 James Briley
        5.5 Samuel Briley
         sp. Unknown
          6.1 Elizabeth Briley
          6.2 Sinomaiah Briley
        5.6 Mary Briley
        5.7 John Briley
         sp1. Naomie ?
         sp2. ? Hanson
      4.4 William S Briley
       sp. Sarah Fleming
        5.1 Clemmy Briley
         sp1. Hinson Blount
          6.1 Mary Jane Blount
          6.2 William Grey Blount
           sp. Caroline Carson
            7.1 Thomas Blount
             sp. Vesta Arlinda Speight
            7.2 Mary A.M. Blount
            7.3 Nancy Blount
            7.4 William Ann Blount
             sp. John Ashley Reddick
              8.1 Carrie Reddick
               sp. Harrington
              8.2 Jesse Reddick
              8.3 George Blount Reddick
               sp. Mattie Andrews
            7.5 Fannie Blount
             sp. William Henry Ward
              8.1 William Claude Ward
            7.6 George W Blount
             sp. Allie Gainer
            7.7 Marion Orlando Blount
             sp. Florence Virginia Nelson
            7.8 John Dawson Blount
             sp. Theresa Knight
          6.3 Thomas Blount
         sp2. ? Jones
        5.2 Arsena Briley
         sp. ? Stokes
        5.3 Levin Briley
        5.4 James Briley
         sp. Penny Annis Briley - (also see Joseph Lawrence Briley)
          6.1  William Lawrence Gray Briley
          6.2  Penny Ann Briley
          6.3  Joseph J Briley
          6.4  James A Briley
          6.5  William T Briley
          6.6  Annis Marcellus Briley
          6.7  Clenna L Briley
          6.8  Gracey Briley
          6.9  Shadrach Briley
          6.10 Mary Ann Z Briley
          6.11 Annie Briley
          6.12 Gustavus Briley
        5.5 Benjamin Briley
         sp1. Unknown
          6.1 Willie N Briley
         sp2. Eliza Rollings
          6.1 Ann Briley
          6.2 Olsey E Briley
          6.3 Louisa Briley
          6.4 Monsier Briley
        5.6 Henrietta Briley
         sp. Luke Fleming
          6.1 David S Fleming
          6.2 Henry Fleming
           sp. Elizabeth
        5.7 William Briley
        5.8 Elihu Briley Sr.
         sp. Ann Eliza Drupina Nelson
          6.1  Elisha Briley
           sp. H. Louise Nobles
            7.1 Lewis N Briley
            7.2 John A Briley
             sp. Lizzie Agnes Spain
            7.3 Nora L Briley
            7.4 Martha E Briley
             sp. James L Ward
            7.5 Charles E Briley
            7.6 Addie Cordella Briley
             sp. Ferdinard Gray Andrews
              8.1 Esther A Garland Andrews
              8.2 Bessie Andrews
            7.7 Lucy L Briley
            7.8 William S Briley
          6.2  Sarah H Briley
          6.3  Mary Elizabeth Briley
           sp. Kenneth H Flemming
            7.1 Willis Theodore Fleming
             sp. Unknown
              8.1 Lennie Fleming
               sp. J.J. Turnage
          6.4  William Jonah Briley
           sp1. Alice Fleming
           sp2. Amanda Ella House
          6.5  Charles J Briley
           sp. Nancy Anne Elizabeth "Bettie" Manning
            7.1 Dora Briley
            7.2 James H Briley
             sp. Caddie Viola Whichard
              8.1 Myrthe Eleanor Briley
               sp. Joseph Henry James
                9.1 Joseph Eugene James
                9.2 Mary Elizabeth James
              8.2 Caddie Whichard Briley
            7.3 J. Kirkus Briley
             sp. Mattie Nelson
            7.4 Charles Heber Briley
             sp. Vivian Mae Nelson
            7.5 Lenora "Sissy" Briley
            7.6 Sallie Briley
             sp. Robert Harris
            7.7 Emma Briley
             sp. Ashe Tripp
          6.6  James Turner Briley
           sp. Martha Elizabeth Overton
          6.7  Cinderella Briley
           sp. Guilford Andrews
            7.1 Delia Andrews
             sp. Cherry
            7.2 Francis Leland Andrews
             sp. Nancy Elizabeth Jenkins
            7.3 John Henry Andrews
             sp. Annie Elizabeth Keel
              8.1 Annie Drue Andrews
               sp. Elisha Henry Garris
              8.2 Henry L Andrews
               sp. Eula Oakley
              8.3 Clarence Andrews
               sp. Margaret Catherine Clark
              8.4 Ruth Lee Andrews
               sp. Joseph James 
                9.1 Curtis James
              8.5 Willard E Andrews
               sp. Unknown
                9.1 Joseph Norman Andrews
              8.6 John Herman Andrews
               sp. Elizabeth Whichard
            7.4 Theophilus Andrews
             sp. Dora Brown
            7.5 Geneva Andrews
             sp1. Whit A Cherry
             sp2. Louis I Hardy
          6.8  Idda V Briley
          6.9  Fannie Caroline Briley
           sp. Gray Carson
          6.10 John Carroll Briley
           sp1. Sallie Jane Briley
           sp2. Della Carney (William Della)
            7.1  Maggie Briley
             sp. John Henry House
              8.1 Jasper Claudius House
               sp. Gaither Lee Briley
              8.2 Johnnie Jarrett House
               sp. Pattie Lucas
              8.3 Sallie Myrtle House
               sp. Richard Clayton Wilson
              8.4 Roland Durwood House
               sp. Nora Mae Dickerson
              8.5 Thomas Ruffin House
               sp. Josie Sewell Dancey
              8.6 Addie J House
               sp1. Garland Hudson
               sp2. Jack Moye
              8.7 Carey Nathaniel House
               sp. Louise Cayton
              8.8 Georgia Belle House
               sp. Claude Hardy
              8.9 Edward Frank House
               sp. Edith Burnelle Whitford
          6.11 S.R. Briley
      4.5 Abraham Briley
       sp1. Sarah Watts
        5.1 Joshua Briley 
         sp. Nancy Howell
          6.1 John Briley
           sp1. Jennie James
            7.1 Malachia Briley
             sp. Celissa Caroline Ingle
              8.1 Horance Jefferson Briley 
               sp1. Ida Norma Spears
               sp2. Audrey Gretchen Pitts
              8.2 Henry Cleveland Briley
               sp. Laura Belle Bryant
              8.3 Lula Belle Briley
               sp. Harve A Allison
              8.4 Clarence L Briley
               sp. Dorthy Bryant
              8.5 Tera Blanch Briley
               sp1. Walter Bryant
                9.1 Lillian Lee Bryant
                 sp. ? Brown
                  10.1 Joseph Brown
               sp2. ? Reel
              8.6 David Andrew Jackson Briley
               sp. Alice Gertrude Henderson
           sp2. Amanda Gammill
        5.2 Louisa Briley
         sp. William Mansker
          6.1 Mary Mansker
           sp. Casper Schmick
            7.1 William Schmick
            7.2 Casper Schmick
            7.3 Isaac P Schmick
             sp1. Nellie B White
             sp2. P.J.
            7.4 George Schmick
            7.5 Mary L Schmick
            7.6 Henry Schmick
            7.7 James Schmick
          6.2 George Mansker
          6.3 Joseph Mansker
           sp. Sarah A Hickey
            7.1  William Richard Mansker
            7.2  John Calvin Mansker
            7.3  Thomas B Mansker
            7.4  Pinola Cage Mansker
            7.5  Mary H Mansker
            7.6  Isaac M Mansker
            7.7  Robert T Mansker
            7.8  Minnie M Mansker
            7.9  Fletcher Mansker
            7.10 Joseph H Mansker
          6.4 Elizabeth Mansker
          6.5 Louisa Mansker
          6.6 John R Mansker
           sp1. Nancy Ann Stewart
            7.1 Nancy Ann Mansker
             sp. ? Allen
            7.2 Joseph G.S. Mansker
           sp2. Nancy Ann Holland
            7.1 Rebeca Samantha Mansker
             sp. Robert Washington Brachears
              8.1  Zona Brachears
               sp. John Y White
              8.2  Emma Brachears
              8.3  Irwin Brachears
              8.4  Mary Malinda Brachears
               sp. Lee W Garrett
              8.5  Nancy J Brachears
              8.6  Joseph William Brachears
               sp. Mary Elizabeth Elliot
              8.7  Porter M Brachears
               sp. Daisy V Morgan
              8.8  Alvin Washington Brachears
               sp. Hester Florence Jukes
              8.9  Ella May Brachears
              8.10 Charles Grover Brachears
               sp. Bessie Pearl Strawn
            7.2 John S Mansker
             sp. Margaret I Allen
              8.1 Sallie Mansker 
              8.2 Susan Mansker
              8.3 Roseanna Caledonia Mansker
              8.4 Samuel Elzie Mansker
              8.5 Minnie Alice Mansker
              8.6 John B Mansker
              8.7 David Newton Mansker
              8.8 William Thomas Mansker
              8.9 George Lafayette Mansker
            7.3 Joseph A Mansker
             sp1. Elizabeth Isabella Newberry
             sp2. Amanda Miller
              8.1 John Frank Mansker
               sp. Loucinda Garrett
            7.4 Nancy Almira Mansker
             sp. George Washington Macom
              8.1  Annie Rebecca Macom
               sp1. Andrew Johnson
               sp2. John Johnson Saviers
              8.2  Thomas W Macom
              8.3  James Layafette Macom
               sp. Mattie Marier
              8.4  Charles Booth Macom
               sp1. Lora Eulalia Milligan
               sp2. Nell Carpenter
              8.5  Henry Newton Macom
               sp. Dessa Carpenter
              8.6  Miranda Roseanna Macom
               sp1. Magnus Nordstrom
               sp2. john Howard Thompson
              8.7  Sophronia Caledonia Macom
               sp. Ed Ashley
              8.8  Eugene Eldon Macom
               sp. Nellie Dukes
              8.9  George Clifton Macom
               sp. Zora Cates
              8.10 Nancy Malissa Macom
               sp Sterling Hopper
              8.11 Susan Malinda Macom
              8.12 Lester Milligan Macom
               sp1. Ruth Applegate
               sp2. Hattie Shaw
            7.5 David Thomas Mansker
             sp. Martha Jane Stewart
              8.1 Nora Mansker
              8.2 Seth Mansker
              8.3 Joseph C Mansker
              8.4 Nancy Maria Mansker
              8.5 Ida M Mansker
              8.6 Pearl Mansker
              8.7 Thomas J Mansker
               sp. Bertha Jane Cheek
            7.6 George Irvin Mansker
             sp. Martha J ?
              8.1 Thomas S Mansker
               sp. Elsy Ruthrauff
          6.7 Lydia Mansker
          6.8 William Henry Mansker
           sp1. Sarah Lindley
            7.1 Thomas Edison Mansker
             sp. Paralee Eldridge
              8.1 Henry Elias Mansker
               sp. Josie May Luce
            7.2 Mary J Mansker
            7.3 Nancy Ann Mansker
             sp1. Riley Webster Littlefield
              8.1 Della Littlefield
              8.2 Ella Littlefield
              8.3 Clinton Littlefield
              8.4 Edward David Littlefield
              8.5 Willie Worth Littlefield
             sp2. Jasper Lemuel Gilbert
              8.1 Mary Jane Gilbert
              8.2 Ida Gilbert
              8.3 Josephine Emma Gilbert
               sp. George Lofton
            7.4 Sarah Mansker
             sp1. Henry Martin
             sp2. Henry Martin Holp
            7.5 Ann Mansker
             sp. Ral Reed
              8.1 William Mansker
              8.2 James Mansker
              8.3 Alice Mansker
              8.4 Ray Mansker
            7.6 Ellen Mansker
             sp. John H Hamilton
              8.1 Tommye Susan Hamilton
            7.7 Martha E Mansker
             sp. W.W. Mitchell
            7.8 James Franklin Mansker
             sp. Alice Fannie Gentry
              8.1 W.H. (Sam) Mansker 
              8.2 Frank Mansker
              8.3 Charles Joe Mansker
               sp. Georgia McClarney
              8.4 Mattie C Mansker
              8.5 Ina Mansker
               sp. ? Nelms
              8.6 Minnie Mansker
               sp. Mason E Sue
           sp2. Salina Barklief
        5.3 Rebecca Briley
         sp1. John Leggett
         sp2. John Worley
        5.4 Sarah Elizabeth Briley
         sp1. Preston Brent
          6.1 Lanisa Brent
           sp. ? Mendenhall
          6.2 William B Brent
           sp. Unknown
            7.1 Emma Brent
             sp. ? Durr  
              8.1 Mattie Durr
               sp. Thames
              8.2 Carrie Durr
               sp. Waller
              8.3 Emma Durr
               sp. ? Lofton
              8.4 Emmanuel A Durr
          6.3 Martha Lenora Brent
           sp. William P Baggett
            7.1  Winfield Scott Baggett
            7.2  James Preston Baggett
            7.3  William T Baggett
            7.4  Ella Baggett
            7.5  Celcia E Baggett
            7.6  Martha Baggett
            7.7  Nancy Baggett
            7.8  Carry Baggett
            7.9  Lee Baggett
            7.10 Larkin Baggett
            7.11 Caddy Baggett
          6.4 Preston Brent
           sp. Frances Ellen Brent
            7.1 John Preston Brent
            7.2 William Brent
            7.3 Frances Louisa Brent
             sp. ? Crawford
            7.4 Rebecca Brent
            7.5 Ella Brent
            7.6 Emma Brent
            7.7 Lee Brent
            7.8 Martha Lansia Brent
          6.5 Nancy Elizabeth Brent
           sp. ? Hubert
         sp2. William Spears
          6.1 Emily Portia Spears
           sp. G.H. Webster
        5.5 Lydia Briley
         sp. Thomas Foster
        5.6 John Briley
        5.7 George Briley
       sp2. Martha Patty Broom
      4.6 Benjamin Briley Sr.
       sp. Unknown
        5.1  Jesse Briley
         sp1. Drupina Andrews
          6.1 Nancy Elizabeth Briley
           sp. James Benj F. Shivers
          6.2 Benjamin Ardent Briley
          6.3 Jesse Briley Jr.
          6.4 Drupina Briley
           sp. Abraham D Bledsoe
          6.5 William A Briley
         sp2. Maria Louisa Daniel
        5.2  Charlton Briley
         sp. Disha Moye
          6.1 Benjamin Briley
          6.2 Susan P Briley
           sp. James Rembert Taylor
        5.3  Paul Briley
        5.4  John Briley
        5.5  Martha Ann Briley
         sp. Moses Turnage
          6.1 Margaret Louise Turnage
           sp. ? Tyson
            7.1 Lawrence Davis Tyson
        5.6  Willis Briley
         sp. Unknown
          6.1 Mary Ann Briley
          6.2 Willis B Briley
        5.7  Bennet Briley
         sp. Mary Ann Haughton
          6.1 Nancy E Briley
          6.2 Ann Eliza Briley
          6.3 Benjamin S Briley
          6.4 Joseph John Briley
        5.8  Eliza Ann Briley
         sp. Joseph B.E. Andrews
          6.1 Joseph L Andrews
          6.2 Andern Andrews
          6.3 Benjamin Andrews
        5.9  Nancy Briley
         sp. Samuel Vines Jr.
        5.10 Winnaford Ann Briley
         sp. Joseph Lemuel Ballard
          6.1 Nancy Winiford Ballard
          6.2 Joseph Ballard
          6.3 Mary Elizabeth Ballard
          6.4 William Thomas Ballard
        5.11 Mary Ann Briley
         sp1. George T Otterbridge
         sp2. Cornelius Stephens
    3.5 Solomon Briley
     sp1. Martha Cason
      4.1 Lydia Briley
       sp. Reading Pumphrey 
        5.1 Jesse Pumphrey 
        5.2 Sylvanus Pumphrey 
      4.2 Unicey Briley
       sp. Caleb Moore 
      4.3 John Briley      
     sp2. Rachel Barber
      4.1 Lydia Briley
       sp. William Nichols
        5.1 Arden Nichols
         sp. Edith Tyson 
          6.1 George Nichols
           sp. Fannie Slaughter
      4.2 John Briley
    3.6 Richard Briley
     sp. Mary Shivers - (See also Joseph Briley) 
      4.1 Jonas Briley
  2.2 Prudence Briley
  2.3 John Briley
  2.4 Dorothy Briley