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A Family History of Religious Migration
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These pages are where I will attach any photos, birth,death,marriage
certificates, tombstone photos, wills, probates, census images and also
personal biographies as they are submitted. I will also pull from my huge
digital archive of books and family genealogies to add and expand this or
other families not currently linked. Thank You for anything you can
contribute to help in this new section. 

1.1 Francis Morrissy
 sp. Honora Ann Sullivan
    2.1 Mary Morrissy
    2.2 Redmond F. Morrissy
     sp. Mary Jane Young
      3.1 Frances J Morrissy
      3.2 Honora Gertrude Morrissy
       sp. Patrick Joseph O'Neill
        4.1 Catherine Anna O'Neill
         sp. Harry Franklin Shivers
          5.1 Raymon Eugene "Red" Shivers
           sp. Helen Cecilia Maley
            6.1 Raymon Eugene Shivers Jr
            6.2 Daniel Patrick Shivers
            6.3 Thomas Michael Shivers
            6.4 Karen Elaine Shivers
            6.5 Rebecca Shivers
            6.6 Michael David Shivers
          5.2 Baby Shivers
          5.3 Eugene Edward Shivers
           sp. Mary Katherine Stricklin
            6.0 John Eugene Shivers (a)
             sp1. Suzie Carter
              7.1 John Carter Shivers
             sp2. Wanda Jean Tobey
              7.1 Jacob Edward Shivers
              7.2 Jennifer Elaine Shivers
              7.3 Jeaneen Erika Shivers
            6.1 Janet Marie Shivers
             sp1. Michael Andrew Osborne Sr.
              7.1 Michael Andrew Osborne Jr. 
              7.2 Matthew Adam Osborne
              7.3 Mark Aaron Osborne
            6.2 James Edward Shivers
             sp1. Carla Renee Stanford
             sp2. Mary Kathleen McNeer
              7.0 Stephanie Diane Arnold (g) 
              7.1 James Edward Shivers Jr
              7.2 Chistopher Brian Shivers
              7.3 Catherine Elizabeth Shivers
              7.4 Mitchell Allen Shivers
             sp3. Lisa Suzanne Dauphinee
              7.0 Alec Lynn Hamm (g)
            6.3 Julie Anne Shivers
        4.2 Gertrude Patricia "Trudy" O'Neill
         sp. Dillon Andrew Scruggs Sr.
          5.1 Dillon Andrew Scruggs Jr.
           sp. Velda Spiller
            6.1 Patricia Ann Scruggs
            6.2 Diane Scruggs 
            6.3 Kathleen Joyce Scruggs
            6.4 Wayne Eugene Scruggs
            6.5 John David Scrugs
            6.6 James Allen Scruggs
            6.7 Antoinette Marie Scruggs
            6.8 Dillon Andrew "Bud" Scruggs
            6.9 David Michael Scruggs
            6.10 Christopher Joseph Scruggs
          5.2 Patricia Gertrude Scruggs
        4.3 Honora E "Nora" O'Neill
      3.3 Edward Morrissy
      3.4 Peter Morrissy
    2.3 Honora Hannah Morrissy
    2.4 Catherine Morrissy
    2.5 Ellen Morrissy
    2.6 Elizabeth Morrissy
    2.7 Mary Morrissy