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These pages are where I will attach any photos, birth,death,marriage certificates, tombstone photos, wills, probates, census images and also personal biographies as they are submitted. I will also pull from my huge digital archive of books and family genealogies to add and expand this or other families not currently linked. Thank You for anything you can contribute to help in this new section.

1. Noah Luther Oswalt
 sp. Edith Mae Pittman
   2.1 John David Oswalt
    sp1. Madge Cooner
     3.1 Genette Madge Oswalt
     3.2 Frank Oswalt
     3.3 Sadie Oswalt
     3.4 John David Oswalt Jr
     3.5 Earl Gene Oswalt
     3.6 Evie Lee Oswalt
     3.7 Mattie Mae Oswalt
    sp2. Dorothy Birdell McClure
     3.1 David Oswalt
     3.2 Evalee Oswalt
     3.3 Mattie Oswalt
     3.4 Earl Oswalt
   2.2 Jeanette Oswalt
   2.3 Pearl Irene Oswalt
    sp. Eric Dean Madison
     3.1 Dean Madison
      sp. Lilly Ray
     3.2 Tommy Madison
      sp. Gurvin
     3.3 Frances Madison
      sp. Unknown
       4.1 Betty Jean Madison
     3.4 Shorty Madison
      sp. Dorothy
   2.4 William Berlin Oswalt
    sp. Virgie Mae Henson
     3.1 Edith Mae Oswalt
      sp. Robert Eugene Parker Sr.
       4.1 Bobbie Lynn Parker
        sp1. Scott Allen Miller Sr.
         5.1 Scott Allen Miller Jr.
        sp2. Scott Dale Farber
         5.1 James Dale Farber
        sp3. Robert Eugene Gregory
         5.1 Michael Joseph Gregory
        sp4. Robin Nestor
       4.2 Stephanie Ann Parker
        sp. William Lohr
         5.1 Tyler James Parker
       4.3 Robert Eugene Parker Jr.
        sp. Sonya Hudson
         5.1 Robert Eugene Parker III
         5.2 Sommer Nichole Parker
     3.2 Noah Luther Oswalt
     3.3 Mary Madgeline Oswalt
      sp. Bobby Gene Riddel
       4.1 Cynthia Jane Kennedy
        sp. Jerry Dean
         5.1 Nichole Grant Moore
         5.2 Ashley Nichole Giner Dean
       4.2 Arthur Carrol Kennedy Riddel Jr.
       4.3 Carol Ann Riddel
        sp. Vince Martin
         5.1 James Andrew Martin
         5.2 Ashley Dane Martin
       4.4 Bobbie Gene Riddel Jr.
        sp. Bernidett Holland
         5.1 Shana Marie Holland Riddel
         5.2 Erin Joshua Holland Riddel
         5.3 Kristofer Arthur Riddel
       4.5 Carrie Maxine Riddel
        sp. Mike Stanley
         5.1 Michael Stanley
         5.2 April Nichole Stanley
         5.3 Dawson Stanley
     3.4 William Eugene Oswalt
     3.5 Nellie Marie Oswalt
      sp. James Frederick King
       4.1 James Frederick King Jr.
       4.2 Linda Caroline King
     3.6 Francis Louella Oswalt
      sp. Henry Joe Martin
       4.1 Sharon Daphene Martin
        sp. Johnnie Ronald Tubbs Jr.
         5.1 Rebecca Nicholes Tubbs
         5.2 Johnnie Ronald Tubbs III
       4.2 Richard David Martin
     3.7 Wanda Sue Oswalt
      sp1. Pete Shelton
      sp2. Harrell
      sp3. Roy Melton
       4.1 William Robert Melton
        sp. Stephanie Ann Winters
         5.1 William Robert Melton Jr
         5.2 Kristie Anna Mae Melton
       4.2 John Melton
        sp. Unknown
         5.1 Emily Leeann Melton
     3.8 Earleen Oswalt
      sp. Ramsey
   2.5 Lorene Farris Oswalt
    sp. David Mills
     3.1 Hazel Marie Mills
      sp. Cornelison
     3.2 Charles Mills
     3.3 David Mills
     3.4 Larry Mills
     3.5 Martha Mills
      sp. McCullar
     3.6 Jimmy Mills
     3.7 Glenda J Mills
      sp. Cosby
       4.1 Stephanie Cosby
   2.6 Inez Farris Oswalt
    sp. James Coleman
     3.1 Bobby Tutor
      sp. Unknown
       4.1 Lucky Tutor
     3.2 Gladys Listen
      sp. Unknown
       4.1 Debbie
       4.2 Rocky
       4.3 Brandi
     3.3 Robert Listen Jr.
     3.4 James Coleman Jr.