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Berthelemy d'Igne-Chivre

Barthelemy d' Igne-Chivre
IGNE-CHIVRE, Barthelemy d' (een-yay-shee-vray'), Spanish explorer, born in
Bruges in 1677; died in Saint Acheul in 1746. He became a Jesuit in 1699,
and was attached to the South American missions in 1703. After studying the
Guarani idiom in Buenos Ayres, he was in 1714 sent by the provincial to make
a thorough survey of the countries that border on Paraguay river, and find a
shorter way from Buenos Ayres to the missions of the Chiquitos. Accompanied
by two other Jesuits, he left that city, 20 January, 1715, and ascended the
Paraguay in a canoe for 500 miles, when he met a party of Layaguas Indians,
who killed his companions and took him prisoner. He remained with them
twelve years, but managed to win their affection, and civilized them. The
hostile Indians, that were formerly the terror of the Spaniards, submitted
to the missionary, and he organized the missions of San Bias, which soon
became the most prosperous of that region. He returned to Buenos Ayres in
1727, and was elected provincial of hisof def. In that capacity he greatly
extended the influence of the Jesuits, and devoted his time to the benefit
of the Indians; but his exertions in their behalf made him obnoxious to the
authorities, who ordered him to leave the country in 1731. Returning to his
native hind, he became rector of the College of Saint Acheul in 1734, but
resigned to devote his time to the arrangement of his notes, and published
"de arte Lingua Layagua," which is the only monument left of the language of
that extinct nation (Mechelen, 1737); "Douze ans de captivite ehez los
Indiens du Paraguay, avec une description de leur pays, les moeurs et
coutnmes de ces penples" (2 vols., with charts, Mechelen, 1742); and
"Historia General de las misiones de la Compafiia de Jesus en America," the
best authority on the Jesuit missions in South America (6 vols., Brussels,
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War memorial
Situation-comment: Vis-a-vis the aerodrome 

Name 	First name 	War 	In knowknowing more 
WHITE	Leon		1914-1918  	--> 
CHIVRE	Bernard		1914-1918  	--> 
CHIVRE	François	1914-1918  	--> 
CHIVRE	Geoffroy	1914-1918  	--> 
CHIVRE	Gilles		1914-1918  	-->